Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Happy Wishes All Around

The holidays just whizzed through and 2018 moved in. And with that wintery weather. I'm not talking about New Englandy... just Englandy! Rain followed by rain with some rain.

So, for my January class, I planned colours. Lots of them. And you know what? The sun came out! What a gorgeous day! Well, moments of it, anyway.

The first card, with the beautiful little bird, is featuring a gorgeous Petal Palette Suite. You can judge it yourself in this short video. I am quite sure you agree it's great. This bundle is a new product that just came out. 

And you know what else came out? Our Sale-a-Bration period! I talked about it in my previous blog but basically for every certain amount spent on new products you choose a free goodie!

This card was made with a set that is in the special freebie catalogue. If you get the Petal Palette Suite with wood-mounted stamps you can have this large and versatile Happy Wishes set for free! I love this set. You can get well over 10 different sentiment combinations. In one set! Imagine! Actually, don't imagine. Go to my online store and get it!

As a special project, in this class, we made this gorgeous shadow box. I watched a tutorial of the very talented Julie DeMatteo and I tweaked this and that afterwards. 
Well, when I say tweaked I mean going nearly insane... 1/8s of an inch were coming out of my ears! But at the end, the tictac fits in just perfectly and the box is sliding in its cover beautifully. I am quite proud of myself!
And to celebrate this pride I promise you a video of my own where I'll show you do I made this box! Just give me a day (or five...)

I hope you enjoyed the post. Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.

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