Saturday, December 23, 2017

Last Christmasy Bits and Bobs - #TGIFC139

In spite of October preparations, I wasn't quite ready for all my Christmas cards to be mailed on time. But ready they were earlier this week. And just when I thought, phew, all done, guess what? Yeap, I realised I need one more card (perfect for this week TGIF challenge).

I needed something fast so I put together this Dapper Denim - Silver combo card. The little snowflakes were not the on the original plan but because I smudged one of the little stars on the blue stock, I had to cover it up somehow. 

These tags are my last Christmasy work. Made with love for a friend and his family. It was a sudden job as these were made for someone whom I wouldn't consider that interested in my crafting. I got a big surprise when I saw his reaction to these. Ask me if that made my day! (A: It did!)

And now for this year remainder, not much is left but to wish everyone a happy holiday season. 
I found an old photo that my dad took, I guess four decades ago (+- odd year), of me and my sister. 

I wanted to include it somehow in my season greetings so I thought of recreating the scene with my boys. They had a blast making faces into baubles.

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  1. I love your last minute card idea Eva! And the stars are a great touch! Sometimes the best ideas come from those unplanned mishaps! Thank you so much for joining in with us this week over at TGIF Challenges! I hope you have a wonderful New Year!đź’–