Friday, September 15, 2017

Dino-rrific Birthday Cards

I needed a birthday card for my nephew and when a friend asked for a card for her little girl I came up with this.
It's funny how sometimes I can work on something the whole day and have nothing by the end of it and sometimes I can make two beautiful cards in one evening.

I used some current, some retired colours. The stamp set has a selection of dinosaurs. I've chosen the brontosaurus because I always think of those as a friendly, smiley dinosaurs and also that shape was the easiest to cut out with my snips.

Sometimes it seems to me that a card is never done and there are tons of things what else can be done. Just like with these. The hats were originally stamped in green colour. It looked nice before I stamped the leaves but afterwards it blended too much into its background. I think that adding a tiny bit of more glimmer, in shape of a hat, was the perfect last touch. What do you think?

Dino-rrific Birthday Card Supplies

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