Wednesday, August 16, 2017

In The Meantime...

Here is a bit of crafty summer recap. Things I worked on the past three months.

So first, there was the summer fair at my kid's school and I donated a box of handmade cards for the silent auction. I loved working on those. The box challenged me but turned out quite well.

I tried to fit the whole year into ten cards. I made a card for Valentine's Day, Mother and Father's Days,  a couple of Birthdays, Thank you, Halloween, Congratulations, Thinking of You and of course, Christmas.   

Needless to say, with my organisational skills, the ink on the box was still wet on the day of the fair. To get better organised and plan ahead and be less of a procrastinator is still on my to do list! 

Shortly after the fair, the end of the term came. As traditionally, little tokens of appreciation were passed onto the teachers. I made these gift card holders for them. Simple but lovely. I like when projects have a bit of movement and I was very pleased with these. 

Not all the things I did in those weeks were paper craft. I did a bit of crochet again. First I made a pair of baby sandals for a little baby that is to be born yet.And then I found a challenge. Or a challenge found me... or was it a friend who tagged me in a Facebook group called Octopus for Preemie? In any case, I am now crocheting little octopi and jellyfish for prematurely born babies. It makes me feel nice and fuzzy inside knowing what difference these toys can make. 
I also met some new crafty friends and I made a lavender filled heart. (On the photo, mine is the one with the blue and green pattern. It's hanging on a window in our entrance hall, smelling just lovely.

And then there was few thank you cards for friends. 

A birthday card for my nephew. 

And a "goodbye" for my good friends that are moving abroad this summer. 

As always, I enjoyed making all these. It does make me happy even though sometimes it is difficult to get inspired. My next project will be to organise my crafty room a little bit better so it's finally functioning. So far, it is, of course, disorganised chaos. Sometimes I wonder how other people keep their spaces so neat and tidy. Judging by their photos and videos. And where their creativity comes from and how come they have time to craft and blog and do everything else so perfectly. And then I saw a poster that said: "Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle". Oh, I felt so much better after that!

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