Friday, May 05, 2017

Hookin' Again, Baby Blanket & Unicorn

The Blanket

I crocheted a little blanket for a dear friend who was expecting her first child. Not knowing the sex of the baby I went for something neutral (well, I believe). The blanket is beautiful. I made one just like that already for my SIL and her baby girl (long time ago).

I bought a baby blankets instructions once upon a time - I think it was at Michaels (oh, I still miss that store!) in America. The blanket is made in stages. First, you make hearts, 12 of each colour. Then you create little squares around each one, put 4 squares together to make bigger squares, put bigger squares together to make... a rectangle (ha! I bet I gotcha) and put rectangles together to make a bigger rectangle and then another. Then you go few times around to make a fringe and viola, a blanket is done! 
It travelled across the pond, to my favourite city ever, Chicago. 

The Unicorn

So, inspired by my first efforts to crochet a toy and "gently" challenged by a friend, I found myself on the sofa with a hook again.

This time I tried this beautiful unicorn. It turned out quite well.  I found a similar looking on Pinterest and followed instructions. Those were written for experienced crafters and I have to say... I am proud of myself. Instructions for seasoned crocheters mean that there are parts missing as it assumed you know what you are doing. After few frustrating nights, all I have to say is - great challenge and greater accomplishment. Will I do another one soon? Probably not. Maybe. Well, probably...

I used leftovers from my previous project. The Women's Institute Soft and Silky 4ply (white, pink, yellow and lime).  It's stuffed with generic toy stuffing from a local craft store. 

I gave this toy to a little girl who shrieked with happiness when she saw it and named it Rainbow right there and then. Quite fitting.

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