Monday, March 27, 2017

Teachers' Treats

I always struggle to think of what to give to the teachers. I spend hours searching, looking, getting inspired. Then all this effort goes to sleep because I have weeks and weeks and WEEKS to prepare, until I have a week, then two days and then I'm going completely mad the night before. Yeap, that's one of the perks of procrastination. Some might call it just laziness but I prefer the big word. Plus it's not really laziness as I am doing zillion things instead. All of sudden, all those non-important little jobs get done. It's magic. Not magical, though...

Anyway, so last year late winter when I was researching a gift for the end of the year (see, the pattern?) I saw these "survival kits" for teachers. I like them but not completely as they got a bit mingled with "thank you" kits and, oh man, I can't have that. 

So I created one that was "thank you" consistent, yay! It was given to my boys' teachers on behalf of all the parents. So bit a pressure from the responsibility. Even though really... who cares. In any case, it turned out quite nice. Here it is.

I used a lot of Designer Paper that was retired years and years ago! Plus I didn't have any new back then. The sentiment is from the set called Lexicon of Love and is also retired. Meaning you can't get it from SU anymore but pay, probably more, on eBay. If you can find the set. 
But anyway, finished with a little bow, tight together with a ribbon. Inside, it had all kinds of treasure.

The latest gift I made was for Xmas. And I made these bottle hangers. 
They are very easy to make. I shall make a first attempt to make an instruction video soon. I promise. 

I used a circular punch and big label die that is, unfortunately, gone from the main catalog these days but there are so many other ones. Plus, one never knows, it can come back one day. 
I used This Christmas designer series paper and matching cardstock. The colour matching is what's great about Stampin' Up! It just matches! No more searching for the right colour and then settling for the best-ish you had.

Now off to do some crafting in the kitchen. It's dinner time. I wish my cooking was as beautiful as my papercraft. Oh well, I can't have it all, can I?

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