Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Even though this blog is mainly for my papercraft, every now and then some other discipline would pop in. Like crochet. 

Just recently, and by that, I mean within last two years I got hooked again.  I always thought knitting was the things for me as my mum was an amazing knitter and I always had great plans in my head. 
Well, turns out, knitting is not my thing. Crochet rather is. I like just one loop to worry about. Always seems easier to repair too (not that often).

I made few dishcloths and face washcloths with scrubbies.
I fell in love with Lily Sugar'n'Cream Cotton. So many colours to choose from and such a lovely material to work with. 

I enjoyed making these, but wanted a bigger challenge. And found one. 
For Christmas, I made this beautiful toy for our youngest family addition (on David's side). It turned out just perfect. Little Mister Octopus.

I love the colours. So bright and cheery. I found instructions online (where else?) and tweaked them just a little bit. I am very happy with the outcome and so is the Mr Octopus recipient. 

Two more projects are coming up. One is done already but it is still reaching someone special on the other side of a globe (well, kind of, not literally but it's far enough) and the other one is still in the workshop and will be done, hopefully soon. More about those some other day.

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